Change in Canyon Manor Smoking Policy

April 19, 2017

Canyon Manor wishes to inform you of a change in our policy on smoking. Currently, clients can elect to participate in up to four smoking breaks a day in our outdoor areas.Indoor smoking is prohibited in all our buildings.
Our new policy will have this purpose: To promote health and safety by providing a tobacco-free and smoke-free campus to all clients and staff. Smoking is a known health risk that shortens lifetime survival, promotes early aging, and contributes to major organ damage. It can also lower medication blood levels, compromising response to treatment. Side-stream (second-hand) smoke has been found to endanger non-smokers around the smoker.

Canyon Manor continues to strengthen our commitment to promote a healthy environment in which clients can exercise healthy life style choices. Canyon Manor upholds client rights to smoke as long as our tobacco/smoke free campus policy is followed. Clients may still smoke off campus, if desired, as part our outside pass program. All clients and staff will be offered a smoking cessation program.

Starting in April 2017, we will begin gradually reducing smoke breaks from four to zero with on-going client input regarding the times when smoke breaks will be scheduled.

Canyon Manor will store up to 1 or 2 packs per client to check out when leaving on pass and to check in upon return.

Full implementation of our new tobacco/smoke free campus policy is scheduled for July 1, 2017.


Richard Evatz
Executive Director
Canyon Manor
415-892- 1628