Canyon Manor

Canyon Manor is licensed as a locked 24 hour Mental Health Rehabilitation Center with open access to a large fenced back yard area to which clients have free access during the day. Clients have benefited from Canyon Manor’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program while enjoying its aesthetically pleasing campus.

We have treated over 2500 severely and persistently mentally disordered clients in our 40 plus years of continuous service. Our Dual Diagnosis Program has been serving residents with both mental illness and chemical dependency issues for over 31 years. Canyon has worked continuously in developing a program that is known for accepting and treating multiply diagnosed, medically and/or mobility compromised clients who are referred with special needs.Photo of people enjoying a picnic at Canyon Manor

We have proudly served San Francisco Bay Area clients since 1976. During that period we have worked with individual county mental health services and the veteran’s administration to identify and address the changing needs of the system and its consumers while retaining credible, consistent rehabilitation treatment programming and nursing care. (Offering the flexibility and creativity to accommodate the varying needs of our clients continues to be the hallmark of Canyon’s services.)

It is the commitment of the staff at Canyon that makes what we do work. We value our reputation as an excellent treatment facility and we strive to maintain that confidence.

Contact Sharon Kay, Ph.D., for admission information.  Voice: (415) 892-1628 X 309 FAX: (415) 892-8624